Race Tee Refashion

Yesterday I ran a road race.  I don't run a lot of races, but enough to end up with a drawer full of cotton race tees that I almost never wear.  They are usually too big and boxy for my taste.  As we're driving back from the race my husband says "I bet you could fix up your shirt".  Huh, why didn't I ever think of that before?

I'll apologize in advance, these photos were an afterthought, so they're not my best.
So I sat down and experimented.  First, I deconstructed my shirt. 
 Then I used a pattern I traced from a favorite tee I have, and re-cut the shirt.
 I reassembled the shirt with a new trim around the neck and sleeves.  Now I have a tee I'll actually wear! I did the yellow one first and had some technical difficulties.  I had to redo the neck a few times and ended up cutting into the printed part.

I also learned you should not iron over the print.  It will melt and stick to your iron and make a big mess.
I dug out one of my older race shirts and this time, took my time, rather than racing through it, so to speak.  Much better the second time.

 Often times my sewing, like my running is less than perfect.  But, I find if I take my time and try not focus so much on the finish line, I end up with a result I'm happy with.

Here's to being less than perfect, but perfectly happy nonetheless. 


  1. Millions times better. So clever and creative

  2. I agree, the one re-created is far better.
    I have the same t-shirts (not so girly) in my wardrobe, I'll think the matter over with your clever idea !!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas !!

  3. I run, too and have tons of these. I love your idea! I am totally going to be doing this. Someday. And I also focus way too much on the finish line, at least for sewing!

  4. Oh darn, I just emptied a drawer full of all my race shirts. Hopefully will get a few more this year to refashion!

  5. Hello
    I followed your example and upcycled some old t-shirts which in early retirement...
    Very nice idea and I got congratulations !!
    Thanks a lot !