A Halloween to Remember

The day before Halloween, we woke up to almost a foot of snow and no power.  In 9 years in our house, we've never lost power.  We knew this wasn't good.  But, we had no idea just how bad it was until we tried to leave.
 Snow is nothing new in Massachusetts, but the combination of wet snow and leaves on trees was disastrous. 
 The main road in town was barely passable with tons of trees and power lines down.

 Almost 48 hours later, there were still crushed cars in the road and few people had power back.

 In all the destruction and loss, there is still some beauty. 
We were fortunate and our power was restored relatively quickly, but we still have family and friends patiently waiting.  
It's amazing how a community can come together and how loosing power for a few days can make you really appreciate everything you have. 


  1. I am new to your blog and from MA too! Yours are the first photos I have seen of the real impact of this storm (on the coast we just got wet). Thanks for sharing!

  2. i grew up in MA and my parents still live there...i remember when this storm happened, and i was like, "WHAT?! snow for halloween? unheard of. especially THAT much!" awesome pics :)