Another Beach Robe and a Tip

I have to confess, I'm a little addicted to making these beach robes! I made another for a gift for a friend....

My daughter's robe has been through the wash a few times and I noticed the last time she put it on that the bias tape was coming loose in places. Most likely due to my less than stellar sewing skills. So, when I made this most recent one, I decided to use a wide zig zag stitch for the bias tape.

I think it will be a little more secure, and I think it looks really nice as well.

Especially on the tie, where I like to add some fabric, so a little extra bulk.

Give it a try. Tell me what you think!


  1. I agree completely with you and sewed my beach robe also with "zick-zack".


    Yours is very pretty :)

    many greetings,

  2. I bet the tape came off because the towel edge inside fell apart. That happens when I cut towels! I bet the zig-zag will help! Very cute.

  3. Oh, the zigzag is a great idea! Cute robe! And you know, I feel like making some more too :)