Robes for the Beach

Have you seen the new pattern over at MADE? It's for the cutest kid's beach robe made from a towel (or 2). Just in time for summer!

I made my daughter's first. I'm not in love with the towel color, but I'll be honest, I was being cheap about it. I needed 2 towels for the 4T size and these were $3 each.

I pleated the back a bit when I sewed on the tie. Made it a little more girly.

For the boy, I lined the hood with a cute Kaufman train fabric and added a matching pocket.
Perfect for a day at the beach.

Happy Summer!


  1. Adorable Ruby! And I think the $3 towel is great :). Cute pocket too!

  2. I like the added touches on the boy robe. Great color selections as well. Does the pattern seem easy enough to stretch for larger sizes. I am thinking of getting it.

  3. Great job. I love the way these turned out. Oh, and just to let you know, I finally got up the courage to make a muscle tee using your tutorial. :)


  4. I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know, I mentioned you in a recent post on my blog :) If you want to check it out, http://cardboardcrafter.blogspot.com/2011/06/day-30-sew-easy-kid-capris.html . All of your awesome sewing projects have been very inspiring :)

  5. I love these! I saw the ones on made but I really love yours. I found you on pinterest with your toy bag tutorial and now I'm a follower. Jamesandleighann.blogspot.com