While I wait.....

The final vote for Rae's Spring Top Sewalong was on Friday and I'm patiently awaiting the results. I would love to win, but I'm also so excited to even have made it to the finals.

In any case, I got some time to sew today and I thought I would channel my anticipation into another project for myself. I'm starting to really enjoy this selfish sewing thing!

I used a this top I bought from Ann Taylor Loft as a guide. This top has a casing around the arms and neck with elastic, I shirred mine instead. Much faster, but a little less control over how much it bunches up. My sleeves ended up a little shorter too.

I really like the result and it's a top that I'll wear. And it's yellow! I love yellow, but don't end up buying much yellow. I had this fabric sitting around, one thing I love about having a large fabric stash.

Another winner in my book!


  1. Cute! I love a yellow top, especially in summer.

  2. Another great top! Congrats on doing so well in the contest too! :)


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