Upcycled Boy Pants

I had intended on getting this post up while Celebrate the Boy was still happening, but it didn't happen. So, better late than never.

I made some really cute pants for my son using this tutorial/pattern from Dana at Made, and some old pairs of adult pants. The pants above and below I made using some old cargo pants of my husbands. I used the existing side stitching and took off one of the back pockets and sewed it on the leg.

So cute! And even better in action, backpack and all.

I made this pair from some women's capri pants I picked up at Goodwill. For these I used the existing pockets in the front.

They ended up a bit long, but I'm sure he'll grow into them.


  1. love these! i should do the same for my boy. :)

  2. Very nice--I really like the second pair. Right now my son won't wear any type of pants but jeans, but I'm bookmarking the tutorial anyway! I love upcycling and am in the process of making my son a supply of shorts for summer using thrifted men's dress shirts.

  3. totally cute!...or should I say "cool". Love them both!