Celebrating Winter

Every year, we head north for a family winter getaway, to more winter. My husband is a former competitive cross-country skier and this small town in northern Vermont is a place he holds dear to his heart. Though I'd probably only skied once before we met, it's something I've really come to enjoy. And since you can't beat winter, you might as well find a way to enjoy it.

There are probably more ski trails than roads, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Here is where most of our shopping is done.

This beautiful pup followed us home one day when we were out on a walk. Turns out he lives on the road and just kind of wanders around. My son was so smitten with this dog and affectionately dubbed him "fuzz bucket".

Mount Mansfield in the distance

A proud daddy.

Hope you're finding a way to enjoy what's left of winter.


  1. I LOVE XC skiing!!! I am only competitive with myself though. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. amazing photos Ruby. That pup is GORGEOUS! Your blog is really growing.

    p.s. Thanks for watching my 8 sec video! I'm sooo excited~
    and also, you must have a big following, because I see lots of your viewers on my blog, so thanks for listing me on your site!! oxoxoxoxo