Oilcloth Tote and Lunch Bag Set

In our house we are big believers in reusable bags. But, the bags we use for our groceries aren't exactly the bags I want to be toting around at the mall or to friend's houses. I found this great tutorial over at Prudent Baby and decided I needed to make this bag.

This bag is the perfect size for bringing PJs over to a New Year's Eve party or snow pants over to a New Year's Day sledding party, or a day of shopping! As my good friend over at Jane of All Trades would say (though it's never true for her stuff), don't look too close. I could not for the life of me figure out how to do the mitered corners. I just kind of winged it, yelling all the while. My daughter told me to be patient.....

I ending up buying a yard of this beautiful Michael Miller Far Out Floral and had enough to make a matching lunch bag. I decided to do it without the bias tape border.

I really love the way this set came out and it's so useful. I suspect I'll be making another one of these lunch totes and maybe, just maybe the stars will align so that I can get enough time to take photos while it's light out and then write a tutorial. Stay tuned....

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  1. Those bags are awesome! Way cuter than the stop & shop and old navy bags I carry around!