Summer Dresses for Me

It finally feels like Spring in W. Massachusetts.  The perfect weather for some new Spring dresses.
I had a vision and remarkably, it came together pretty easily.  

I used a simple scoop neck T-shirt pattern for the top, cut short for where I wanted the skirt to start.  The skirt I cut a little larger than the bottom of the shirt, gathered it with elastic, and then attached it to the top.  Really, it's pretty easy.

I didn't take any photos as I put these 2 dresses together, in part because I wasn't sure they would work out.  Not only did they work out, but I can't decide which I like better.  I'm definitely going to make more, and can hopefully put together a tutorial.

So, find your favorite T-shirt pattern and I'll be back next week with some instructions.
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  1. I like them both equally. I'm in central Mass and you're right, the weather is finally started to get nice. I love the spring!

  2. I love them both. Did you make your own bias tape or did you buy it? You did a good job lining up the stripes in the second dress. Well done!

  3. I agree, both are really great! Love the chevron on the bodice of #2.

  4. Love them! You are so awesome! Cant wait to make my own.

  5. cute! i love the chevrons on the bust.