I have a confession....

I've been hoarding knits lately.  The time I've been spending acquiring fabric is starting to far exceed the time I'm been spending sewing fabric.  It's a problem.  But, I'm working on it, and hoping to tackle this pile this Mother's Day weekend.

What about you, do you love fabric shopping like I do?  Got any fun weekend plans?   


  1. Is there anywhere local that you like to get your knit on? (I'm also in western ma)

    1. Joanns and Hobby Lobby are starting to carry more knits. But most of what I buy, and what is pictured, I buy online.

  2. I hoard all kinds of fabric, but with 2 kids demanding my attention, my sewing:parenting ratio is pretty pathetic. Still, I can dream, right?

  3. oh i am such a knitaholic! I have half of these fabrics in my own stash :) My last order at girl charlee was so huge, even the amount I saved with a 10% coupon was embarrassing.

    I'm looking into getting one of those binding feet for my coverstitch after seeing yours. It looks sooo awesome! Do you recommend a place to buy it? It looks pricey, but I think Amazon is the cheapest I could find. Have you used it to attach binding to bathing suits? Does it work on nylon/lycra? Lots of questions :) LOVED your dresses, btw, sorry I haven't said it before this!