DIY Message on a Bottle

I work in a research lab at a University.  Every so often when a lab is closing, they offer up what would otherwise get thrown away, to other labs.  So I wandered down looking for things I could use in the lab, and ended up with 2 boxes of these beautiful bottles.  The glass was so beautiful, I just couldn't stand to see them get thrown away  
My first thought was to etch them.  I've seen some really great etched projects.  So I bought a bottle of the etching cream and gave it a try.
The instructions say "may not work on Pyrex", but I've seen it done on Pyrex.  I think people just increase the time they leave it on.
Well, even after 30 minutes (the instructions say 2 minutes), no luck.  The glass was just as beautiful and clear as before.  
So, new plan, chalkboard spray paint!
I used a punch to cut some contact paper and carefully smoothed it on the glass.  I learned that you really need to smooth it out well as the spray paint will find any tiny crack and run underneath.  The good news is that it scratches off fairly easily, so you can fix any imperfections later.

Spray on the chalkboard paint, let it dry for an hour, do a second coat and let it dry for 24hrs.  
Add some flowers and a message.
 You could do this on any kind of vase to add a little message.  Would make a nice little Valentine's gift.


  1. I use a dremmel with a Small Diamond bit to etch glass. There are handheld dremmel tools or a snake like attachment that can be added. I also use rubber stamps to put the design on or trace a design, with sharpie, that has been taped on the bottle, sometimes on the inside, or the outside using a stencil.

    1. Great idea. I'll have to put a dremmel tool on my wishlist!