Traditions - New and Old

This year, we decided to jump on the gingerbread house bandwagon.  I grew up with a pretty minimal Christmas celebration given that my parents grew up in India and didn't celebrate Christmas themselves.  But, how could I resist this gingerbread house kit from Trader Joe's.  For $7.99, it's pretty great.  Next year I might have to make my own and start a new tradition.  
 Another tradition in our family is attending the local ballet company's performance of the Nutcracker.  I make a new dress for my daughter each year.  She really liked the style of last year's dress, so this year's is the same in different colors.
 The back....with 2 little helper monkeys.
I don't often do a rolled hem on my serger since it requires changing a plate and removing a needle.  But, since I teach about rolled hems and lettuce edging in my serger class, I thought it's about time I do it on my own machine.  It came out really pretty and is easier than doing a regular hem.

Another holiday tradition complete.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?


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  2. We started doing the gingerbread houses on Christmas eve when the kids were young. Every year we take a picture of them after with their house. It is so fun to watch them grow through the pictures! Love your daughter's dress!

  3. This is such a sweet dress style. Do you have a pattern?