The Little Boy Learns to Sew

This is kind of stating the obvious, but sewing is a huge part of my life.  My daughter has been at my feet in my sewing room since she was an infant.  When she started getting interested in sewing, we happen to win a copy of Sewing School 2 and for her birthday, I got her a Janome Sew Mini sewing machine.  It served it purpose, but it's quality matched it's price; cheap.  All of a sudden, the little boy turned 7 and instantly decided he wanted to learn to sew too.
 We turned to our Sewing School 2 book again and just like that, he made a few projects and caught the sewing bug.
 Our little Sew Mini was on it's last leg and after a few projects, it finally bit the dust.  I went searching for a replacement machine with only 1 feature in mind, speed control.  My sewing machine has a little dial where you can reduce the machine speed regardless of how hard you press on the foot.  I think for kids, this is really helpful.  But, I wanted something affordable as well.  I finally decided on the Brother CS-6000i.

 I can't say enough good things about this machine.  Keep in mind, I am not being compensated for any of this, so these opinions are totally not influenced.  The machine costs less than $150, comes with a billion little accessories, has a great LED light, and it super easy to thread and use.  We had it out of the box and the kids sewing with it in a flash.  I'm so happy with our purchase and it's feels so wonderful to have taught both my kids the love of sewing.
This little gem is going straight to the keepsake box!


iCandy Handmade's Everyday Skirt // Transitioning to Fall

 Wow, it's been a long time since my last post!  I have been sewing a lot, but haven't had the time to take, edit and post pictures.  I'm trying to get caught up, so check back often for some upcoming posts.  
I just need to take a quick minute to reflect on blogging.  I started blogging over 5 years ago (holy moley, time flies!) as a fun way to share projects and to keep me motivated.  Life has gotten busier and blogging isn't such a high priority for me anymore and to be quite honest, I've gotten a little tired of seeing so many "sponsored posts" from some of my favorite bloggers.  I totally understand that some people make their living by blogging and doing sponsored posts is part of that.  I have ads on my sidebar and for me it generates a teeny tiny bit of money.  I've been approached many times to do sponsored posts or to be a "influencer".  It's not who I am or why I do this.  Anyway, I guess I just want to say that I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and my pictures might not be perfect and my poses are kind of all the same in the same places around my house.  I'm going to keep blogging with the hope that I can share a little bit of my sewing knowledge and maybe inspire someone out there to try a new pattern or follow one of my tutorials.  Anyway, I hope I haven't bored you with my monologue or offended anybody.  This isn't meant to be directed at anybody in particular, just something I needed to say.  Moving on.....
This time of year, I'm kind of ready to transition to fall, but so far, the weather hasn't been cooperating with that.  I wanted to make myself a knit half circle skirt and just didn't have the patience for taking measurements and doing the math.  I stumbled across the Everyday Skirt Take 2 from iCandy Handmade and decided to give it a try.  The best part is there is a free, downloadable pattern.  Since I'm a bit smaller than a medium, I just compared the pattern to a skirt I own and trimmed it down.
I sewed this up in a lovely ponte knit.  I really love this skirt.  The weight and drape of the knit is exactly what I was after.  And I can totally wear it into fall with leggings and boots.
The first one came together so quickly and easily, I decided to make a navy version.  This time I used my coverhem to stitch along the waistband to help it sit a little flatter.
I think this one took me a little more than half and hour to sew.  
Can you say instant gratification? 
I Just finished another Simplicty 2226 skirt, my third so far.  And, I've got some harem pants I'm not quite sold on to share.  Hoping for some time and motivation to take pictures soon!  


Back to School // Perfect Little Lunch Bag Sewing Pattern

Oh my goodness, this summer seems to have flown by.  We've got a couple weeks left and I've been making new lunch bags for both my kids and my etsy shop.  I got a great tip from my friend Roselee of Jane of All Trades that makes sewing the handles much easier.
Instead of sewing the handles to the exterior fabric a few inches down from the top, she lined up the raw edges of the handles (3 inches in from each side) with the top raw edge and then sewed the zipper right on top.
  The result is a much neater looking front and this technique saves a lot of time!  Genius!  Thanks Roselee!
  Last year, I had my kids lunch bags embroidered at a local shop.  This time around I decided to use my Silhouette Portrait and black and white heat transfer vinyl instead.  I really like how it looks and this way and they definitely won't get mixed up with other kids lunch bags.
You can find the instant download of my sewing pattern HERE in my shop.
 Don't want to sew your own?  I've got a couple of lunch bags listed in my shop and I'm also taking a few custom orders.
My favorite thing about my lunch bags is the fact that they are totally machine washable.  My kids used theirs for a full school year and I'm sure they got washed a least a dozen times.  The fabric color faded, but other than that, they held up great.  Something about a dirty, smelly, lunch box really grosses me out.  I'm never going back to store bought!