Baby Gifts

Lately the days seem to be flying by.  Not sure if it's because it's summer or just because that's life.  My oldest child is starting kindergarten in a few days and though I'm really excited for her, it's also a huge change in our life.  I can't help feeling like before we know it, it'll be high school graduation. 
So in the midst of all the changes, I haven't been blogging too much.  I have some posts planned, but I'm trying to just enjoy the last few days of having my little girl at home. 
I also started listing some backpacks in my shop again, which there has been high demand for with school right around the corner.  This cute turtle pack was a commission from my neighbor.  It's for her sister-in-law who is expecting a new baby boy in a few months.  Since it will be a while before he can actually use it, I added a cute little bib and washcloth set.   
I got the idea to package the washcloths from Dana's burp cloth tutorial.  Definitely gives the set a nice look.

Another friend is expecting a baby in early October, so I made some cute bibs using my Scrappy Baby Bib Tutorial and some matching washcloths.

 I love the colors and the way it all comes together.  Perfect little baby gifts.