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Clutch with a....

...strap!  Is it still a clutch?

 In honor of Roselee's GIVEAWAY, I made one more Girls Night Out Clutch with a new twist.

 A simple little shoulder strap that tucks inside the bag.

Instructions on making a strap are not in the pattern currently, but it's really easy and I'd be happy to post a step by step here, just let me know.  And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY.  You have until Friday, April 5.


In the Clutch - Pretty Bags and a Giveaway

My Girl's Night Out pattern has only been out a few weeks, and already it's popping up.  Here's a beautiful version that showed up in the Flickr group belonging to Jill at Homemade by Jill.  A-maze-ing to have such a great sewist and blogger make one of MY patterns.
This version comes from my local friend Sarah.  Teacher extraordinaire and mommy to 2 beautiful girls.  
And if you aren't a follower of Roselee at Jane of All Trades (why aren't you a follower?) now's the time.  She's my dear friend, busy super-mom of 2, Daisy leader, blogger, and oh yeah, she tested my pattern and made 5, yes 5 clutches! 
She'll be posting them, each with a twist, with a pattern giveaway at the end.  Check out this super springy version

I've been super grumpy this week because it just doesn't feel very Spring-likeLooking at this bag cheers me right up.  Hard to feel blue with such a pretty bag tucked under your arm.


Buckle Bag

So are you excited about the Mirabelle Messenger Bag yet?  Here's a little more inspiration.  I'm going to give you a quick walk-through on some little pattern modifications I made to get this look.  I did this bag with a lightweight, olive corduroy.  I love the detail of the bias tape and piping, but I wanted a more monochromatic look.  So, I used Roselee's tutorials to make my own bias tape and piping.

Since the corduroy can add a bit of extra bulk to the seams, I cut all the interfacing pieces (except for the strap and pocket) a little smaller than the fabric.

 I cut the flap a little shorter and a little more square.  
I used a top-stitch thread and needle to make the stitching really pop.  I love that look. 
Picked up this belt for $1 at goodwill.  
I'm sure there's a better way to add the buckle, but I was a little short on time and figured no one would look too closely.  I made a strip of fabric the same width as the buckle, cut a little hole to slip the pin through, and added a little fray-check.  I sewed the strap down as far as I could and finished sewing in place by hand. 

Don't forget, there's still time to win your own free pattern over at Jane of All Trades.  
Giveaway Ends at Noon!!


Introducing...The Mirabelle Messenger Bag

 My first (and maybe only) for sale e-pattern!  I'm so excited to complete this pattern.  It's something I've been wanting to do for a while and finally was able to accomplish.
Here's what I love about this pattern....
 The sizing works well for both kids and adults,
 it looks great done in fabric,
and laminated cotton. 

The adjustable strap allows you to use it as either a shoulder bag or a cross body bag.  
I've got options for a magnetic closure or a button closure, an interior zipper pocket and a padded strap.

The pattern is for sale here and here.  I also have the hardware you'll need, but haven't had a chance to list it yet.  Drop me a line if you're interested.

A great project for your Thanksgiving break.

Want to win a free copy?  Head on over to Jane of All Trades to see her cute version and to enter to win a free copy of the pattern.
Enter her giveaway until Friday, November 16, here
Then come back later in the week to see some tips on how to make this super cute version of the Mirabelle Messenger Bag.


Hurricane PJs and Some News

Somehow I missed the news that Rae is now offering the Flashback Skinny T in larger sizes.  Since we're in the middle of a hurricane, might as well buy a new pattern and do some sewing. 
 I've had a really hard time finding good PJs for the 6 year old in the house.  She's tall and skinny and all the 6T PJs are too short in the length and arms.  Rae's pattern is perfect!  I cut a size 6 and added length in the torso and arms.
I made 3 shirts and 2 pairs of fleece pants.  So much easier than going store to store, buying and returning...

And now for the news....I'll be releasing my first e-pattern in the new few weeks.  Remember this bag I made too late for Purse Week, well I thought it was so cute that maybe others would like to make it too. 

Roselee, my good friend and bag maker extraordinaire, is testing out the pattern to make sure it makes sense to someone other than me.  Then she'll be giving away a copy of the pattern and it will be up for sale.  So stay tuned!


Purse Week Bag - Late

 I started this bag about a month ago and figured I'd have plenty of time to get it done for Purse Week at A Lemon Squeezy Home
The deadline was October 12th and I just finished last night.  Oh well, at least it's done. 
I'm pretty proud of this bag.  I came up with pattern myself, made my own bias tape and piping, and even made the strap adjustable! And I'm in love with this fabric from Joanns.  I was kind of shocked when the woman who cut it for me told me it's not a popular print for them
Even though I didn't get to enter, it's still really fun to check out all the other entries.  Have you been following?  
Do you have a favorite?


Costume Procrastination

 It's the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week at Elsie Marley, and what am I up to?  Procrasting.  When I should be making costumes, or some clothing for a tall, skinny, 6 year old with apparently freakishly long arms (nothing fits her!!), I'm making trick or treat bags.  There was more glue gun than sewing machine involved too.  I am working on one clothing sewing project and hoping I can get the boy to let me take his picture.  
Stay tuned!


Fabric Gift Bag - TUTORIAL

Thanks for all the comments on my previous gift bag post. Definitely gave me the push I needed to put together this tutorial and to make a few changes.  I was inspired by the Nautical Adventures Tote that Roselee over at Jane of All Trades posted recently.  Her technique for sewing and finishing the seams all in one step is genius!  Go take a peek, but be sure to come back so you can make a cute little gift bag.  
Here's what you'll need to make a cute, simple and reusable gift bag:
  • 1 piece of duck canvas that is 10"x22"
  • about 21 inches of 1/2inch double fold bias tape (this is a great time to use up some scraps or try making your own - good tutorial here
  • 4 large eyelets and setting tool
Fold the fabric in half so you have a rectangle that is 10"x11" and iron the fold well. 
If you are going to add some applique, now's the time to do it.  You want to add your applique to the INSIDE of your folded piece of fabric.

Here's the genius part I borrowed from Roselee,  start your bias tape about an inch from the top (open end of fabric) and sew a 3/8 inch seam from the top all the way to the bottom, folding the bias tape under at the bottom (folded end of fabric).  You've sewn and enclosed the seam in one step.  Amazing!

Next, box the corners by marking 2 inches from the bottom corner. 
Match those marking, draw a line across and sew on the line.
Iron the seams and from the corners up so the bag has more shape.
 Here's what the inside will look like.
Finish the top edge with either a serger,

or cut with pinking shears. 
Fold the top edge towards the inside about 3/4 inch, so that the raw edge of the bias tape is covered, and sew around. 

2 inches down from the top, centered, and 1 inch apart, make 2 markings for where your eyelets will go.  My bag front was about 5.5 inches across, but this might vary a little depending on how you ironed it.  Just make sure the markings are centered and the spacing is even. 

Follow the instructions to attach the eyelets.
Use the front 2 eyelets to mark where the back eyelets should be.  This insures that they line up at the end.
There you have it!  Thread some pretty ribbon or bias tape through, fill with a gift, and you're ready to go.

Be sure to add yours to the Flickr Pool.
It's alway so fun to see what you come up with!