2, 4, 6, 8, who likes to PROCRASTINATE...

 This past week the kids have been off from school for February break.  We did a lot of fun family activities which meant not a lot of sewing got done.  So when Saturday rolled around and I finally got a little time, did I work on the unfinished projects that NEEDED to get done?  Nope, I totally procrastinated and decided to make a new ironing board cover instead.
The old cover had pretty much disintegrated and I was planning on buying a new one.  But, in an effort to use up fabric from the stash, I decided to make one.  I couldn't find a great tutorial to follow, so I just cut the elastic off the old one, traced my new fabric a little larger and made a casing.  I was being kind of cheap about it and decided to use a sturdy string to pull the casing tight rather than elastic.  It didn't work the best.
 I was able to reuse the hook and loop fasteners on the bottom, which helped.  While I was in the procrastination mood, I made a little tool organizer.

I attached it to the side with some adhesive hook and loop tape.
 A simple sleeve roll stuffed with fabric scraps.
 I also made a simple, weighted pin cushion.  I've dropped my plastic, magnetic pin cushion one too many times.  This one was super easy.  Just slipped a bean bag in the bottom and fiberfill stuffing in the top.
 Now that I've got a nice, neat, pressing station, I guess I can do some real work.

What do you do when you're procrastinating the projects you NEED to do?


  1. I give procrastinating lessons. Yep, I'm that good at it ;-). Glad I have a kindred spirit sister!

  2. Make other stuff just like you! I love your ironing board!

  3. Buy more fabric for other projects that will never get done!

  4. Another super procrastinator checking in! I actually need to make an ironing board cover..hmmm. :)

  5. thanks ruby ,you inspire n enlighten ...i live in sri lanka....n these are things we some times never learn as we lack resources... in DIY knowledge...THANKS A LOT...! :D n i'm a another one of those procrastinators... ha ..ha