Burlap Heart Ornament Tutorial

I never leave Joann's without hitting the remnant bin and just recently scored this burlap remnant for $1.25!
I came up with this cute little ornament to give to friends and neighbors to go along with our annual gift of granola.  So, friends and neighbors, avert your eyes!

All you'll need to make some of these are:
  • some scraps of fabric, I used knit since cut knits generally don't fray or unravel
  • a little burlap, you could probably make 10 or more from half a yard
  • some kind of string, I used a cream colored yarn
  • fiberfill of some sort   
  • pinking shears 
Cut a heart (or 6) out of the knit fabric.
Lay the heart on 2 layers of burlap that are about an inch larger than the heart.  Then cut a piece of string that's about 12 inches longTuck the ends in between the 2 layers of burlap as shown, making sure it's tucked down under the knit heart

Sew the heart in place, through all 3 layers of fabric and making sure that the string gets secured as well.  Leave a small opening as shown by the arrows.
Fill the heart with a little fiberfill.  You can use a knitting needle or pencil to gently push the fill into the top of the heart. 
Pin the opening closed, making sure all the batting is tucked inside and none is hanging out.
Sew the opening closed.  I also sewed around the whole heart again, just because I like the look and I thought it might make it a bit more secure, but this is optional.
Now take your pinking shears and trim away the extra burlap.  When you get to the top center, make sure to move the string out of the way so you don't accidentally snip it.

If you need to, you can use regular scissors to trim away any extra in the center.

There you have it!

Make one, make six!

Who will you make yours for?


  1. So cute - you always make the neatest things! May I Pin this to my Christmas board? Thanks.

  2. Adorable. I think I'll make these for Valentine's since Christmas is over. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. These would be so adorable for Valentine's too, thanks for sharing such an easy to follow tutorial.